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Exterior and interior focus --- sensual and abstracted orientations



   Some people are focused on external sensation.  They are 
   attuned to, aware of, what is impinging on their five senses --
   - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  They see all that is 
   going on around them, are aware of all the sounds of their 
   surroundings, aware of all the odors wafting their way, etc..  
   Their minds are focused externally to their outer environment.  
   They are sensuous, sensual in their basic mental orientation. 

   Other people are focused inward.  They are reflective, 
   thoughtful, contemplative types whose minds are absorbed in the 
   abstract world of ideas.  The more one becomes focused inward, 
   the more one becomes oblivious to one's exterior surroundings.  
   The inputs to the mind coming in from the five sense organs 
   become partially or totally ignored. 

   Dec 1995

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