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Effects of liberal social legislation

   Suppose you wished to destroy a country?  How might you do it?  
   Destroy the country morally.  Corrupt its morals.  Pervert it.  
   And how might you accomplish that?  There is more than one way.   
   Using the mass media, television or Hollywood to glamorize 
   immorality and evil is one way you might accomplish it.  
   Another way would be to legitimize and legislate the acceptance 
   of gross immorality, things such as homosexuality.  And yet 
   another way would be to intersperse the worst, most morally 
   corrupt, elements of the society, throughout the population.  
   Mix the bad in with the good so well that every good person 
   rubs shoulders with a bad person.  Just as you could ruin an 
   entire pile of good apples by intermingling into the pile a lot 
   of bad apples, you can ruin a good country by intermingling 
   into its population a lot of bad people. 

   The U S Government is actively pursuing a policy of dispersing 
   the inter-city ghetto poor throughout the population through 
   its Section 8 program, its forcing of school integration, its 
   pushing of anti-discrimination legislation, etc..  The Section 
   8 program is interspersing poor, welfare types out in nice 
   neighborhoods on a massive scale and the decent, hardworking 
   taxpayers are paying the bill.  Isn't the consequence of this 
   completely predictable?  Suddenly you discover that your 
   neighbor next door is selling crack cocaine, prostitutes are 
   dealing from your street, you are afraid to walk out to your 
   car because of the groups of young hoods loitering in front of 
   your house, graffiti is suddenly appearing all over, one of 
   your children has become involved in a gang, your daughter is 
   dating a hoodlum, your neighborhood is suddenly looking 
   trashy, and property values are falling.  And the government is 
   taking the money for the program out of your paycheck.  Many 
   people are fleeing your neighborhood and you could move but no 
   matter where you go you won't be safe for long.  The same thing 
   is happening everywhere.  Could Satan himself have conceived of 
   a better plan for ruining a country? 

   And who is responsible for all this?  On the first level it is 
   the work of egg-headed government liberals and their social 
   engineering.  But going back to first cause its root lies in 
   the ideas of liberal religious leaders.  Ideas have 

   Nov 1995

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