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The importance of personal habits which are conducive to harmony in interpersonal relationships

   The Chinese emphasize harmony in human relationships.  Personal 
     habits play a big role in how we interface with people.  Some 
     habits make for harmony, others make for disharmony with 

   Rule:  Don't develop habits that irritate people, rub them the 
     wrong way.  It produces disharmony.  The habit found in some 
     people of pushiness (aggressiveness, boldness) violates 
     spiritual law.  It violates the law requiring kindness and 
     consideration towards others.  It is an intrusion on others, 
     an act against others.  Habits that intrude on others push 
     people away from you, cause them to dislike you, create a 
     disharmony between you and the rest of humanity and are 
     psychologically destructive. 

   Rule:  Don't develop habits that step on others, abuse them.  
     Don't intrude on people.  It is a psychological boomerang.  
     Harmony in human relations requires that you treat all people 
     with respect and politeness.  It also calls for modesty and 
     humility in your dealings with others. 

   Teach your children to treat others with fairness, respect and 
     politeness.  If they violate this basic law of human 
     relations it is at their own psychological peril. 

     Mar 1995

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