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The healthy, well-balanced mind

   Q. The healthy mind.  What characterizes it?  What gives rise 
     to it?  

   A. The basic underlying elements giving rise to the healthy, 
     well-balanced mind are: 

     - love of God, faith in God, commitment to God
     - a basic morality; conscience; sense of responsibility; 
         moral sense, moral outlook 
     - the pursuit of Virtue; love of Goodness
     - philosophical thought, reflection; pursuit of Truth, 

     The healthy, well-balanced mind comes as a product of an 
     understanding of yourself, others and life acquired by 
     philosophical thought, reflection, observation and 
     "experience with life".  It arises out of the thoughtful, 
     intelligent, rational, inquiring, questioning, God-fearing 
     mind.  It comes out of a mind that is able to think for 
     itself and come to its own opinions and conclusions. 

   Mar 1995

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