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Advantages to living in the city

    There are advantages to living in the city.  What are they?

      1. Convenience stemming from living close to supermarkets, 
      shopping centers, dentists, doctors, hospitals, fire and 
      police stations, banks, auto repair shops, hardware stores, 
      lumber yards, airports, libraries, restaurants, etc. 

      2. Convenience deriving from the existence of an extensive 
      infrastructure in the way of roads, water and sewer service, 
      natural gas service, electric sevice, telephone and cable 
      service, etc. 

      3. Economies deriving from people living close together. 
      Theoretically there should be many economic advantages to a 
      lot of people living all clustered together in one place as 
      opposed to being all spread out.  For example, the cost of 
      providing electrical service to a house in the city ought to 
      be much less than to a house in the country.  The number of 
      feet of transmission line to be built and maintained would 
      be much less, per house, in the city.  And with the shorter 
      lines the electrical loss and cost of transmission should be 
      much less.  The same argument goes for water lines, sewer 
      lines and gas lines.  Transportation costs for the city 
      dweller should be much less than for the country dweller 
      because all the necessary services are nearby.  Moneywise, 
      living in the city ought to be less wasteful, more 
      efficient, than living in the country. 

      4. Better prices for things due to competition.  Because of 
      competition you should be able to get better prices on 
      everything from food to cars.  Also, city prices should be 
      lower due to the economies stemming from large volume 

    Aug 1994

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