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Government subsidies

   The government assesses a 90% tax on income, taking 90% of 
   everyone's income.  But no problem.  It gives 70% back.  But 
   there are some rules that come with the rebate.  Some strings 
   attached to it.  Like what kind of strings?  Some requirements 
   relating to various things like: where you are allowed to live, 
   types of foods you are allowed to eat, how you are allowed to 
   spend your money, people and organizations you are allowed to 
   associate with, religious and political activities you are 
   allowed to engage in, etc.  You must adhere to the rules if you 
   wish to get the rebate. 

   The government taxes then gives the money back to whom it 
   desires through subsidies.  There are strings attached to what 
   it gives back.  Those who will tow the government line, go 
   along with its rules and policies, get the subsidies; those who 
   won't, don't. 

   July 1994

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