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The unemployment problem

   First let me say that I distrust socialism, liberalism, big 
   government, too much government regulation and interference.  This 
   said I make the following observations:

   The Big Problem.  Not enough jobs for everyone  --- not enough 
      jobs to provide everyone with a job that he is capable 
      of performing and that pay enough to live on (this is the big 
      problem not just in this country but in countries all over the 
      world).  The consequence is that the lesser educated, the 
      poorly prepared, the weak, the impaired, the deficient, often 
      end up out in the cold without a job. 

   Nature is harsh and cruel.  In the natural world the weak, the 
      defective, the foolish, and the imprudent die and the strong 
      and prudent live.  Nature weeds out the weak and foolish.  The 
      foolish young deer who doesn't keep a sharp lookout gets eaten, 
      as does the foolish rabbit or prairie dog.  Pure capitalism is 
      pure nature.  It is survival of the fittest.  It is hard and 

   The Bible teaches compassion for the weak.  If we just let 
      natural mechanisms take their course the weak, mentally and 
      physically impaired, foolish, etc. would lose out and starve to 

   An industrialized society can support many more people per acre of 
      land than an agricultural society.  The problem with an 
      industrialized society is that everyone is highly dependent on 
      other people.  Everyone loses his independence, self-
      sufficiency, control over his life.  With the population 
      explosion in the world today industrialization is needed to 
      support the large populations and prevent mass starvation.

   A basic fact of human nature.  People will work hard only when 
      they are working for themselves.  To be really motivated, to be 
      really enthusiastic, one needs to be working for himself.  
      People dislike working for other people.  Most people dislike 
      their jobs.  

   A basic fact of human nature.  People will take all they can get 
      when it is free.  They will freeload to the limit, go as far as 
      they are able.

   Problem.  How do you help the people at the bottom of the pile: 
      the ignorant, uneducated; the foolish; the losers; the weak? If 
      you offer them some alternative to working (such as welfare) 
      none will work and indeed half of the society will rush to get 
      in line for it.  If you don't help them, they will starve to 
      death.  So what do you do?

     It can be asked, "Is there anything that can save a foolish man 
      from himself?"  He is sure to come to ruin in the end no matter 
      what you do to help him.

   Nov 1993

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