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Inherent rights implicit to ownership

   There are certain inherent rights implicit to the idea of 
   possession or ownership.  What are they?  You have a right of 
   control over an item that you own, the right to control the 
   usage of an item that belongs to you.  If you own a jacket, 
   automobile, house or some other item you have the inherent 
   right to allow usage of it to anyone you wish or to deny usage 
   to anyone you wish.  If you own a business you have an inherent 
   right to run it as you see fit, including the right to hire and 
   fire as you see fit. 

   There are a number of laws in this country, part of the 
   socialistic legislation passed in the last fifty years by the 
   liberal Democrats, that infringe on these inherent rights 
   associated with ownership.  And the government is pushing the 
   enforcement of these laws.  What laws am I speaking of?  The 
   anti-discrimination laws in regard to renting housing, hiring 
   and firing in business, etc..  These laws have the effect of 
   taking away your freedom to do as you wish with your own 

   There is a strong tendency for socialistic, liberal legislation 
   to infringe on the inherent rights attendant to private 

   Oct 1993

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