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A nightmare scenario for America, Year 2030

   It is year 2030.  It is a cashless world.  All financial 
   transactions are accomplished by debit cards, credit cards or 
   check.  Every person in the world has an identification card 
   and his own unique identification number.  Every financial 
   transaction that every person in the world makes is recorded in 
   a huge database and can be followed by a big government 
   computer, located in Brussels, location of the World 
   Government.  That computer knows everything about every person 
   in the world, from the day he was born.  It knows his complete 
   educational background, job history, medical history, credit 
   history.  It knows about every traffic ticket he has ever had, 
   every brush with the law he has ever had.  It knows how much he 
   spends for groceries each week, the title of every book, 
   magazine or newspaper he has ever purchased.  It knows every 
   address he has ever lived at and when he lived there.  More 
   than that, each person has a little transponder implanted in 
   his body and, through satellite technology, it knows his exact 
   physical location at any point in time.

   How did the whole system come about?  There was a worldwide 
   spate of ugly terrorist incidents where entire cities were 
   decimated with suitcase sized nuclear, chemical and biological 
   bombs. The entire world was in confusion, panic, disarray, 
   upheaval.  It all came about as a system for dealing with the 
   situation.  It was instituted as a system for controlling crime 
   and catching criminals. 

   All goes very well for a person as long as he stays on good 
   terms with the government.  But if he gets himself on the 
   government's blacklist it is very bad indeed.  The measures the 
   government can use against him are countless.  One of the most 
   drastic measures is putting a block on his bank account which 
   prevents anyone from selling him anything, including food, or 
   even renting him a place to stay.  They can even implant a 
   device in him that records every word that he speaks.  There 
   are some minority groups that are definitely persecuted.  The 
   true Christian believers are the main ones.  The government, 
   which is controlled by humanists, atheists, Satanists and 
   homosexuals, is strongly anti-religion, and especially anti-

   Everywhere one finds many large state run orphanages filled 
   with young children which have been taken away from their 
   parents for reason of child abuse i.e. because of physical 
   abuse (spanking), verbal abuse, or improper religious 
   indoctrination.  There are also many huge labor camps with 
   hundreds of thousands of people imprisioned for various state 
   crimes, including such things as illegal religious or political 
   activity, discrimination against various groups (especially 
   discrimination against the homosexuals), child abuse, etc..

   There are very few Christians left now.  Many have been gassed 
   in the gas chambers.  Human sacrifice is making a comeback.  
   Many groups are practicing it now.  The World Government has 
   just decreed a law requiring everyone worldwide to have a 
   number electronically imprinted in their forehead --- a number 
   beginning with the digits "666". 

   May 1993

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