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   Understanding.  What is understanding?  What do we mean by the 

   It is knowing yourself.  It is knowing what gives true and 
     genuine happiness and what doesn't.  It is knowledge of 
     yourself, of life, and of other people.  It is a knowledge of 
     what is important in this life and what isn't.  It is 
     knowledge of the Deep and Profound.

   It is a perspective on life and on people.  It is knowing wisdom 
     from foolishness.  It is knowledge of foolishness, knowledge 
     of its prevalence in this world, appreciating the foolishness 
     of foolishness.

    It is appreciation of Reality, of Life, of the real laws which
      govern this world;  knowing and understanding the truth about
      life and how things work.

    Understanding is fundamental.  From understanding we find peace 
      with ourselves, true happiness.

    Pursue understanding.  With all thy getting get understanding. 
      Make the quest for it the first priority in your life.

   Jan 1993

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