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   piety.  1. Reverence toward God or the gods;  religious 
     devoutness.  2. The state or quality of being pious.

   pious.  1. Actuated by a reverence for a Supreme Being; religious;  
     godly.  2.  Marked by a reverential spirit.

   pietism.  Piety or godliness;  devotion, as distinguished from 
     insistence on religious creeds or forms.

                                      Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary

   If you take the above as the definition of pietism then I guess 
   you could say I am a Pietist.  I believe that true religion is 
   devoutness, piety, practice --- honesty, goodness, godliness, decency 
   and morality --- as opposed to an emphasis on religious creeds, 
   doctrines and forms.  Here is where I differ from the 
   Evangelicals.  It is a difference in outlook, a difference in 
   spirit.  True religion to me is not regular church attendance, 
   daily Bible reading, testifying, etc. --- it is religious 
   devoutness and practice.  For me, the True Path is a piety, devoutness 
   and practice that arises out of a love of God. 

   June 1993

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