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The American Way

     The American way.  What is it?

        - each family owns two or more cars (one for husband, wife 
            and possibly teenage children) 

        - buy a new car when the old one gets to no more than five 
            or six years old 

        - buy cars for your teenage children

        - live in a nice three or four bedroom house with all the 
            modern conveniences 

        - eat out much of the time, often most of the time, at 
            restaurants and fast food places 

        - drink sodas continuously;  eat a lot of potato and 
            tortilla chips, sweets and other junk food 

        - eat a lot of red meat and high calorie, high fat foods 

        - wear a lot of designer clothes (i.e. name-brand, high 
            priced clothes) 

        - continuous impulse spending, spending on things one 
            doesn't really need 

        - great waste, foolish expenditures, saving little or 

        - permissive attitudes towards illicit sex, crime and 
            violence;  rampant immorality;  emphasis on personal 
            freedom and personal rights instead of on moral 
            responsibility and duty. 

        - watch trash continually on television;  watch 
            pornography on rented video tapes 

        - insatiable appetite for trash and lewdness

   Oct 1992

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