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Personal circumstances

   Associated with each of us is a set of personal circumstances.  
   It plays a big part in the image we have of ourselves, in how 
   we think and feel and view the world. 

   Elements of one's personal circumstances.

      - security in the form of wealth   (Do you have the 
         security of some amount of wealth?  Or are you 

      - land in which you live   (Do you live in a land of wealth 
         and economic opportunity such as the USA or do you live 
         in some poor, poverty-stricken country with little 
         economic opportunity?) 

      - color of your skin  (Are you black, white or oriental?  
         Are you a member of a minority group that suffers 
         discrimination because of the color of their skin?) 

      - your sex  (Are you male or female?)

      - religion  (Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, etc.)

      - mental abilities  (What are your abilities, talents, 
         inabilities, weaknesses, defects, etc.?) 

      - health  (good health, bad health, ailments, etc.)

      - profession  (i.e. scientist, lawyer, doctor, teacher, 
         farmer, salesman, secretary, construction worker, garbage 
         collector, factory worker, etc.) 

      - level of education  (Have you a college degree?  A high 
         school diploma?  Or are you, perhaps, illiterate with no 

      - marital status  (Are you single or married?)

      - children  (Do you have any children?  How many?)

      - personal appearance  (Are you good looking?  Attractive to 
         the opposite sex?  Or are you, perhaps, ugly, deformed 
         and repulsive to other people?) 

      - habits  (Do you have good, constructive habits?  Or do you 
         have habits that pull you down?) 

      - personality  (Do you have an agreeable, pleasant 
         personality?  Or a disagreeable, obnoxious one?) 

      -  extent of knowledge and understanding  (Do you have a 
         broad and extensive knowledge and understanding of life, 
         yourself, and other people?  Or is your knowledge and 
         understanding very narrow, superficial and limited?) 

   Aug 1992

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