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The good life

   The Good Life in America.  What images come to mind when people 
   speak of "the Good Life"?  What constitutes "the Good Life"? 

      - a lovely four or five bedroom home, beautifully decorated, 
         with central heating and air conditioning, wall-to-wall 
         carpeting, and all the modern conveniences;  accompanied 
         by one or two nice decks bordered by gardens and 
         shrubbery, a swimming pool, and two or three expensive 
         cars in the garage;  all located on a couple acres of 

      - lots of beer, outdoor barbecues, tennis, golf, sailing, 
         water skiing, relaxed evenings watching TV 

   In regard to "the good life" people think, "If I had this I 
   would be happy!  The Good Life!  That is happiness!" 

   May 1992

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