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Philosophies for living

   The following are some philosophies for living that I believe 

     - Need as little as possible from life and people.  The less 
         you need from others the better off you are.  Be self-
         reliant and self-sufficient. 

     - Expect nothing of other people.  If you expect nothing of 
         others you are never disappointed.  If you expect things 
         that is where upsets and disappointments start.  Let your 
         expectations in life be few. 

      - Don't let yourself get drawn into anger and resentment.  
         It is a trap.  It is only you that is hurt by it.  If 
         someone slights you or wrongs you don't respond back.  
         Ignore it.  Forget it.  Act like you didn't notice.  
         Leave it for God to take care of.  That way you have won.  
         If you let it make you angry the person who wronged you 
         wins (he has truly harmed you if he has caused anger and 
         resentment in you). 

   Apr 1992

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