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Important things in life

   What are the most important things in life?

      - religion;  faith in God;  faith in a God that we can turn 
         to for help in our troubles (someone that will understand 
         and help us, someone who loves us) 

      - those we are closest to, those we share life with, those 
         we are bound together with in this life 

   Marriage.  In marriage you adjust to the other person in a 
     myriad of ways.  You adjust to his idiosyncrasies, weaknesses 
     and faults.  You learn to live with him.  You each adjust to 
     the other and you work harmoniously together as a team.  
     Without realizing it an emotional bond builds up with the 
     years.  You don't even realize it is there the most of the 
     time.  But when you are faced with a real threat that you may 
     lose that person (as by death or losing him to another lover) 
     you realize how vitally important he is to you, how deeply 
     and intricately your lives are bound together.  You work 
     together, you complement each other; each is dependent on the 
     other, each needs the other.  The emotional and spiritual 
     ties that build up during a marriage are sacred; each has 
     given the other part of themselves. 

   The loss of one we deeply love.  A gut-wrenching experience.  
   Two people so intricately bound together that the death of one 
   destroys the other also.  Deep distress, suffering, sorrow.  
   Loss of interest in life, loss of reason for existence. 

   Aug 1991

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