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The con man

   The con man (confidence man).  A person who gains your trust 
      and confidence and then plunders you.  He may defraud you of 
      money, use you in some way, or whatever; but in some way he 
      plunders you.  He is usually intelligent, articulate and 
      smooth, with a way about him that draws people to him and 
      makes them like him and trust him.  He often possesses a 
      personal magnetism, a power over people.  He acts like a 
      friend to you but in the end, after he has plundered you, 
      you realize he is a real no-good; a fraud, swindler, crook, 
      and a real heel; a person totally devoid of principles, 
      morals or conscience who thinks nothing of hurting other 
      people.  At bottom the con man is a predator who cares 
      nothing for other people and preys off them. 

      This world is full of con men (and con women).  They come in 
      all shapes and sizes.  There is the con man who makes his 
      living defrauding little old ladies of their life savings.  
      But most con men around us don't operate in such daring, 
      illegal ways.  They limit themselves to the type of fraud 
      and plundering that doesn't carry the threat of a prison 
      term.  There are the womanizers who pretend to be in love 
      with one woman after another for what they can get from them 
      (i.e. sex).  There are the many people around us who employ 
      the conning art to use people, manipulate people, in one way 
      or another.  They use lies, deceit, and fraud to get what 
      they want from life and don't care who they hurt in doing 

   Aug 1990

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