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Cause of lack of confidence

   Q. Why do you see a fellow with a PhD degree in physics pulled 
       down all his life by lack of confidence, by an inferiority 
       complex, while on the other hand, you see some ignorant 
       country bumpkin who never finished the fifth grade in 
       school going through life brimming with confidence?  It 
       does happen.  I have seen it.  Explain it. 

   A. The doctor has tried to do difficult, hard things all his 
       life and hard things intimidate.  He has had a hard time, 
       put in a lot of work, and has high standards for himself.  
       The country bumpkin, on the other hand, may have never 
       tried to do anything very difficult in his life.  If he 
       does encounter something difficult he just backs off and 
       avoids it.  He only attempts to do easy things and in those 
       he is successful.  He is light-hearted and doesn't take 
       anything very seriously. 

   Dec 1988

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