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Causes of lack of confidence and inferiority complexes

   What causes lack of confidence?  The following are at least 
   some of the causes: 

     - personal standards that are set too high; expecting too 
         much of yourself 

     - not accepting yourself as you are, not admitting to your 
         inabilities and weaknesses.  Denying your inabilities. 

     - a negative outlook on yourself in which your attention is 
         always on your weak points.  Your focus is always on 
         them, you dwell on them, and you never see your strong 

     - a habit of always setting difficult tasks for yourself, one 
         right after another, never giving yourself a chance to 
         rest, relax and enjoy life.  Being too hard on yourself, 
         making life too hard. 

     - repeated failures in attempts to do one or more things.

     - incidents in the past in which you have been embarrassed or 
         humiliated by an inability or weakness 

   Dec 1988

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