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Reality and illusion

   Idealism, fantasy and illusion on the one hand.  Reality on the 
   other hand.  The two opposites.  The yin and the yang, the 
   spiritual and the material.  Idealism (fantasy, illusion) plays 
   a very big role in the lives of most of humanity.  It is the 
   source of hope.  It is what keeps life worth living.  Youth is 
   the time of idealism and illusion.  Old age is the time of 
   Realism.  People make their major life decisions of marriage, 
   having children, picking life occupations, etc. wearing the 
   rose-colored glasses of idealism.  Life is full of illusions.  
   It is mostly illusion.  It is necessary that it be so.  If 
   people were given the bare truth they couldn't go on.  Most 
   people live out their lives looking at things through rose-
   colored glasses.  They slowly half-realize some of the truth 
   and some of the reality and call it disillusionment.

   Young couples think they want children.  Do they know what the 
   practical realities are in having children?  They have their 
   idealistic fantasies about rearing a child.  What is the 
   reality?  Young people get it into their heads that they want 
   to follow a particular career.  Say doctor, or lawyer, or 
   mathematician.  They have idealistic ideas of what these 
   careers are like.  How close are these idealistic ideas to the 
   reality?  Say they pick the career of mathematician.  Do they 
   have any idea of what their career as a mathematician will 
   really be like? 

   Dec 1988

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