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The good are trampled and the evil rise to the top

   In one sense I believe that Goodness always wins in this world 
   and Badness always loses.  It is a deep conviction.  Yet in 
   another sense I believe Badness very often wins in this world 
   and Goodness very often loses.  Here is a contradiction.  How 
   can I believe both?  In what sense does Goodness always win?  
   In what sense does Badness very often win?

   This is a world ruled by Satan.  It is a world filled with 
   lying and deceit, cruelty and injustice, badness.  It is very 
   often the deceitful and bad people who rise to the top and rule 
   over the good.  Institutions and organizations are filled with 
   sham and injustice and the good are trampled and the evil rise 
   to the top.  If the objective in life is success from a worldly 
   point of view then the deceitful, cruel and evil very often win 
   and the honest and good lose.  At least this is true if we are 
   talking about who climbs up the ladders of power and success in 
   organizations.  But if our objective is personal happiness in 
   life then I believe that it is the honest and good who win. 

   Mar 1988

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