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Source of my moral, spiritual and intellectual outlooks

   I believe that attitudes, values and moral, spiritual and 
   intellectual outlooks are the key to happiness and mental 
   health.  What are the sources of my attitudes, values and 
   moral, spiritual and intellectual outlooks?  The Bible mainly.  
   I spent a lot of time reading the Bible when I was a boy.  But 
   in addition to the Bible there are other sources that have 
   broadened, deepened and sometimes modified those basic outlooks 
   that have come from the Bible.  What are they?  

     1. Conscience.  Intuitive knowledge of Right and Wrong.  

     2. Common sense and logic as applied to an ever increasing 
         knowledge of my own self and of human nature in general. 

     3. Ever increasing understanding of Life acquired by watching 
         other people, by noting their actions, deeds, habits and 
         tendencies (especially foolish and bad actions and 
         deeds).  I have learned a great deal through the negative 
         example of others, through the foolishness and badness of 

     4. Reflection.  Self-examination.  Questioning.  Thought.  

     5. General reading.  Reading axioms, proverbs, novels, 
         classical literature, Greek and Roman philosophers, 
         National Enquirer newspaper articles, World Book 
         encyclopedia, books about other religions (such as 
         Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.).  I am interested in psychic 
         phenomena and always read National Enquirer articles 
         about such things as UFO's, demon possession, etc..  I 
         also read anything that gives insight into people and 
         human nature. 

   The role that Common Sense, Reason and Conscience have played 
   in creating my outlooks, values and habits is very great.  For 
   example if the Bible seems ambiguous on a particular question, 
   or has nothing to say on it, or seems to contradict itself or 
   Reason or Logic or Fact, (and thus provides me no guidance) I 
   just naturally go to Common Sense, Reason and Conscience for 
   guidance.  In this way much of my understanding and 
   interpretation of the Bible has been influenced by Common 
   Sense, Reason and Conscience. 

   Feb 1988

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