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Social Justice

   What is "social justice"?  What characteristics would a 
   socially just society have to have? 

     1. Abuse of one person by another would have to end.  There 
        could be no more abuse of children by parents, wives by 
        husbands, employees by bosses, soldiers by officers, etc.. 

     2. Every person should have the right and wherewithal to 
        develop to his full potential --- develop spiritually, 
        intellectually and emotionally.  He should have all the 
        time he needed for thinking, pondering, reflecting and 
        sorting things out.  He should have, free of charge, all 
        the education he wished. 

     3. Every person should have a fulfilling, meaningful job 
        compatible with his abilities, interests and inclinations. 

     4. No person, through no fault of his own, should be without 
        food, shelter or clothing. 

   Does all of this sound rather unachievable?  It is.

   Jan 1988

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