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What is a corrupt, depraved society? Describe it.

   A corrupt, depraved society.  Describe a corrupt, depraved 
   society.  A corrupt, depraved society is one in which the 
   people en masse have lost their moral sense.  It is not one in 
   which people sin.  It is one in which people have lost their 
   bias against sin.  It is not one in which people commit 
   adultery.  It is one in which people condone and accept 
   adultery.  It is not one in which homosexuality exists.  It is 
   one in which that great sin of homosexuality is condoned and 
   accepted.  It is not one in which people commit immoral acts.  
   It is one in which people accept and condone immorality.  It is 
   a loss of moral values, moral knowledge, moral sense.  How do 
   you know such a society when you see it?  You listen to 
   people's opinions on matters of morals.  You note their likes 
   and dislikes, their tastes, their preferences, how they 
   entertain themselves.  You note their humor, what they joke 
   about, what they think is funny.  You note their fads as a 
   people.  You note their preferences in entertainment.  

   Let us be more specific.  Suppose you look through the 
   newspaper listings of the dozens of movies that are showing 
   around town and month after month, year after year, there is 
   never a decent one to be found.  They all lash forth 
   advertisements revealing their themes of lust, illicit sex and 
   violence.  On your television you flip through the dozens of 
   channels that are available and again there is not a decent 
   program showing.  Every picture that comes up is either a 
   bedroom scene or a scene involving violence or becomes one or 
   the other within a few seconds. And this same situation goes on 
   year after year.  You wonder how a society can live on a 
   constant diet of dirt and filth year after year and never get 
   tired of it.  You try going to some plays.  You find they are 
   all interlaced with profanity, obscenity, and crude language.  
   You find nothing of depth or worth or merit in any of them.  
   You turn on your radio.  You run through dozens of stations 
   before you find one that is playing something decent.  To find 
   a decent novel to read you have to choose an author from some 
   past century.  Nothing written in your century is worth 
   anything.  Art and painting?  You have to go to the art of 
   centuries past.  The art of your century is all degenerate.  
   How about the conversation at coffee break at work?  Both women 
   and men freely banter with one another in the risque, the 
   crude, and the obscene.  It is obviously the type conversation 
   in which they most delight.  Anyone who is not comfortable with 
   this kind of thing is regarded as Puritan, Victorian or prude.  
   You see a debate on pornography.  Two people are defending 
   pornography and two are against it.  A question is posed.  What 
   is pornography?  They can't agree.  Another question is asked.  
   Is a picture of a nude woman pornography?  They are all agreed 
   on the answer to this question.  They all agree that it is not.  
   Reporters covering candidates for public office openly state 
   that they don't report on the sexual conduct of the candidates.  
   They say they don't believe that information is important or 
   relevant and feel it is none of the public's business. 

   What is a corrupt society?  It is a society ruled by immoral, 
   wicked men; criminals elected by the populace, supported by the 
   populace, and shielded from punishment by their political 

   May 1987

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