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We build upon the work of others

   Reflect upon the extent to which we are dependent upon the 
   efforts of other people --- mainly people who have gone before 
   us. In every aspect of our lives, in all we do and think, we 
   are building from where others have left off.  We are building 
   upon the work of others.  Everything we touch and deal with in 
   life, from automobiles and telephones to the books we read and 
   the religious beliefs we have come from the inventions, 
   discoveries and work of people who have gone before us.  In 
   every little aspect of our lives, we are always working from a 
   gigantic edifice constructed through untold years of labor of 
   the millions of our ancestors from generations past.  From our 
   use of fire to our system of government and laws to the 
   language we speak we are indebted to untold millions of people 
   who have preceded us.  Mankind builds and builds.  And each 
   generation enjoys the benefits and fruits of the work of all 
   prior generations.  Mankind is continually working to better 
   things for himself and his fellow man.  There is a force within 
   him that pushes him on and makes him do this.  He is always 
   committed to improvement.  

   A person may have a very independent nature.  He may be an 
   independent and self-reliant soul.  But he should remember that 
   no man lives in a vacuum.  He should be honest and appreciate 
   just how much he is indebted to so many people. 

   Mar 1987

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