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Should you have children? Things to consider.

   Should one have children?  The following are a number of things 
   to consider: 

     - You will be forced to place them in the modern school 
        system.  Is that system acceptable to you?

     - They require a lot of work, effort and sacrifice.  Years of 
        it.  Are you really sure you want all the work and 
        sacrifice that will be required? 

     - A home without them may have peace, order and harmony.  
        Children bring noise and confusion to a home. 

     - A husband and wife have lots of privacy and time to 
        themselves if they have no children.  With children there 
        is little privacy. 

     - Children are the source of a lot of disagreements and 
        arguments between husband and wife.  They put a lot of 
        stresses on a marriage. 

     - Children are independent beings with wills of their own.  
        They may be willful and not go in the directions you wish. 

     - There is a chance they will be born with handicaps or 
        disabilities, physical or mental, that you and they will 
        have to deal with. 

     - We live in a corrupt culture, a culture with evil values 
        and ways, and children are very susceptible to peer 
        pressure.  The odds of them taking a bad road are very 

     - We live in a very complicated society that places a lot of 
        demands and expectations on people.  Life can be 
        frustrating and confusing.  Are you really sure you are 
        doing a person a favor by bringing him into this modern 

     - Can you adequately prepare them to meet life and cope with 
        it?  Education is the pathway to success in this 
        complicated, technological society and colleges are very 
        expensive these days.  Can you afford the cost? 

     - Would you make a good parent?  Do you have things 
        sufficiently together yourself to provide good guidance 
        for a child?  Do you have the sureness of yourself and 
        emotional stability and maturity for the job? 

     - It costs a considerable amount of money to raise a child?  
        Can you afford it?  A paycheck may be ample to support two 
        people yet be marginal for more than two.  If there is not 
        enough money to stretch it can be a cause of arguments and 
        strife between husband and wife, put a lot of strain on 
        the marriage, and possibly destroy it. 

   Feb 1987

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