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A life-long policy --- I never call people names

   There is a policy I have followed since early youth.  I never 
   call people names.  No matter how much I dislike someone or how 
   angry he might make me I will never call him a name.  In fact 
   there are a great many derogatory adjectives that people 
   sometimes use to put down their fellow man that are just not in 
   my vocabulary.  I have never used the words in my life and 
   never will use them.  In general, I seldom talk disparagingly 
   about people, but if I do, I do so in very simple words and am 
   very careful that what I say is accurate and true.  I never use 
   colorful, emotion-charged, slanted words to do it. 

   How did these policies that I have long followed arise?  They 
   came out of the thinking of my early youth.  Reflection told me 
   that these things were not right and I determined that I would 
   not do them.  I know that my feelings on the subject were 
   influenced by my own struggle in life and I realized that it is 
   easy to misjudge people and situations.  It is easy to be 
   unfair and unjust in our superficial knowledge and in our 

   Jan 1987

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