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Important goals for good mental health

   Where do your values lie?  Do you value those things that are 
   conducive to good mental health?  Do you value things like 
   friendliness, warmth, honesty, mental balance and simplicity?  
   Or do you value things that are destructive to mental health?  
   You can be whatever you really want to be.  You can be a 
   friendly, warm person if you really want to be one.  You can be 
   an honest person if you really want to be one.  Let your goals 
   be to have those qualities of character that are conducive to 
   good mental health.

      - Make it an important goal for yourself to be a warm 
         person.  Wish to be a kind, understanding, friendly, 
         loving person.  Envision this sort of person in your mind 
         as an ideal or model.  Pursue warmth.  Renounce all 
         anger, hatred and bitterness against people or society.  
         Decide to like people.  Renounce antisocial feelings.  
         You can do it if you honestly want to, if you can 
         generate honest enthusiasm for such a project. 

      - Make it your goal to be an honest person.

      - Make it your goal to be a balanced person.  Pursue mental 
         and emotional balance.  Pursue mental and emotional 
         stability.  Seek perspective, balance, good sense and 
         good judgment.  Avoid getting too hung up in any one 
         thing or too bogged down in details.  For perspective get 
         into the habit of standing back and looking at things as 
         a whole. 

      - Pursue simplicity.  Love simplicity.  Be suspicious of 
         complexity and sophistication. 

   Jan 1987

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