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Importance of the concepts of risk and danger

   The concepts of risk and danger are important concepts.  Many 
   things in life have risks or dangers associated with them.  In 
   our thinking and reasoning processes we must often deal with 
   the concepts of risk and danger.  We are all almost continually 
   confronted with a multitude of risks or dangers and we mentally 
   assess their seriousness, magnitude and likelihood of 
   occurrence, and make decisions and choose paths in accordance 
   with our assessments.  If we have foresight and good judgment, 
   spot all the risks and dangers early, and then make the right 
   decisions as we proceed through life we may have a life of few 
   troubles.  On the other hand if we have little foresight or 
   poor judgment we may find ourselves encountering a great many 
   problems as we make our way through life.  The tendency to 
   foresee dangers or risks and to make good judgments in 
   connection with them is very close to the very idea of prudence 
   or wisdom.  And the tendency not to see them or not to take 
   heed of them when you do see them, is very closely connected 
   with the idea of foolishness.  The wise man foresees the risks, 
   takes them seriously, and takes the road that minimizes them 
   i.e. he takes the safest road.  The foolish man pays no 
   attention to danger and takes the dangerous road.  He is like 
   the young antelope that takes no heed of the prowling lion. 

   And it is a fact that some people are just a lot more 
   perceptive about dangers, a lot more concerned about them than 
   other people are. 

   Nov 1986

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