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   Jackie is a young girl who is working part time at my wife's 
   beauty salon.  According to my wife she is an attractive 21 
   year old blonde.  She works a couple days a week --- on Fridays 
   and Mondays.  When she first started working there my wife was 
   telling me about her.  She was going with a black fellow.  She 
   had met him at another place where she works part-time --- a 
   nearby Pizza Hut.  And he was the only thing she ever talked 
   about.  She talked all day to co-workers and customers about 
   her black boyfriend.  No one was equal to him.  He was really 
   great.  Then they rented an apartment and moved in together.  
   They didn't have enough income to qualify for the apartment so 
   the boyfriend's father co-signed for them.  Several weeks after 
   they moved in together she came home one night and found her 
   boyfriend in bed with a girl --- a black girl.  She was 
   devastated.  She was telling everyone in the beauty shop about 
   what had happened.  It seems that this boyfriend had been going 
   with this black girl for some time and had been cheating on her 
   all along.  Her 17 year old friend Trudy, who also had a black 
   boyfriend, came to her rescue immediately.  She knew just the 
   boy for her --- another black fellow.  She went out on a date 
   with him.  He told her how great she was and how her other 
   boyfriend just didn't deserve her.  In no time at all she was 
   deeply in love with him.  All she could talk about was him.  
   She would tell how she and he would cavort nude in the bathtub 
   together there in the apartment while the old boyfriend was 
   just outside the door in another part of the apartment with 
   friends.  She said her name was on the lease so she couldn't 
   leave the apartment.  So she just continued living there with 
   the old boyfriend, each going their own way.  A couple of days 
   ago Jackie's grandmother came to the beauty shop to have her 
   hair done and my wife did her.  The subject of the conversation 
   went to Jackie.  The grandmother said they had just been 
   evicted from their apartment and Jackie was going to come and 
   live with her and her husband.  They had been evicted for wild 
   behavior, wild parties, etc..  The grandmother said she was a 
   mixed up girl and in need of counseling.  It seems that her 
   Mother ran away with another man when she was thirteen; and her 
   parents separated in an ugly divorce when she was fifteen.  She 
   has worked on a succession of jobs.  She doesn't stay very long 
   on any one.  Bosses and co-workers always develop a dislike for 
   her it seems, treat her badly, and she quits.  Then she will 
   find another job.  She will come home from the new job and say 
   "The people here on this job appear to like me, Grandmother!"  
   But it will all end up the same.  According to the Grandmother, 
   she is now on her fifth boyfriend since Christmas (that is five 
   boyfriends in four months).  I asked my wife if she had a nasty 
   disposition or a bad personality.  She said, "No.  She has a 
   nice personality.  She likes to talk.  She talks continually."

   My wife did mention something else.  She is on welfare getting 
   food stamps. 

   Apr 1991

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