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   Rules.  We find them everywhere.  Could man get along without 
   rules?  Could society function without rules?  What is the role 
   of rules in society?  Much is made of the ideas of freedom and 
   liberty as foundation rights of American democratic society.  
   What is the relationship between the concepts of freedom and 
   liberty and the concept of living by rules?  They are diametric 
   opposites aren't they?  The terms "freedom" and "liberty" imply 
   no restraints and the idea of living by rules implies living 
   under restraints.  Living in total freedom or total liberty 
   would mean living totally without rules, right? 

   Examples of rules:
      - rules of the road in driving automobiles
      - rules of games (football, baseball, checkers, chess, card 
          games, parlor games, etc.) 
      - laws of a country
      - rules of behavior in dealing with others

   Why are rules needed?  What job do they do?  What function do 
   they perform?  How would things be like out on the road if 
   there were no traffic rules?  What role do rules play in games 
   such as football, baseball and chess?  What would life in a 
   country be like without laws? 

   Oct 1986

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