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Two important personality types

   Two important personality types:

     1. The serious, honest, moral, upright person who acts in 
        accordance with conscience, high principle and reason.  A 
        person of resolution and self-control.  A person who 
        imposes a discipline upon himself.  An independent, self-
        reliant person.

     2. The light-hearted, deceitful, immoral profligate who acts 
        according to momentary impulse and fleshly appetite.  A 
        person without self-control, a slave to his own feelings 
        and bodily appetites.  A person given to a life of 
        pleasure.  A person inclined to depend on others, 
        manipulating them, using them, preying off them.

   Is there one underlying cause for these two personality types?  
   Could this be the cause:  A person of the serious, honest 
   personality type possesses a natural, strong moral sense that 
   causes him to impose restraint and discipline upon himself; 
   whereas a person of the dishonest, profligate personality type, 
   for some reason just does not possess any moral sense.  From 
   the presence of the moral sense all the traits of the 
   personality type 1 follow; from the absence of a moral sense 
   all the traits of the personality type 2 follow.

   Aug 1986

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