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What is wrong with premarital sex?

   Q. What is wrong with a couple engaging in premarital sex?

   A. We name the following arguments against it: 

      1. It is regarded as a great sin, a misdeed of greatest 
      magnitude, by almost every major religion from Christianity 
      to Islam to Hinduism.  All religions cannot be totally 

      2. The girl can get pregnant.  If so, and they don't get 
      married, she will be faced with either getting an abortion 
      or bearing a child out of wedlock.  Bearing a child out of 
      wedlock is an injustice to the child.  If she does bear a 
      child out of wedlock she can either put it up for adoption 
      or rear it herself.  I she decides to rear it herself she is 
      likely to find it a hard, difficult road.  She stands a very 
      good chance of living out a life of a poor single mother on 

      3. You can get a venereal disease.

      4. People who engage in sex before marriage become tainted 
      morally in regard to their desirability as husbands or 
      wives.  Upright, Godly, good people want to marry virgins, 
      people with no prior sexual experience.  If you wish to find 
      a good person as a life companion stay clean. 

   Aug 1986

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