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Causes of problems in marriages

   Q. What are the things that cause problems in marriages? 

   A. We name a few:

       - vices such as drinking, gambling, drug use, etc.
       - inability to manage money and live within the family 
       - infidelity
       - disagreements on the raising of children
       - general incompatibility with marriage on the part of one 
           or both of the partners due to personality traits such 
           as argumentativeness, dishonesty, selfishness, etc. 

   Q. What are the prerequisites for a happy marriage?

   A. Two conditions:  1. The partners must be compatible with 
      each other  2. they must be compatible with marriage itself.  
      Some people, because of certain personality traits that they 
      have, are simply not compatible with a happy marriage.  They 
      may be inflexible, selfish, tyrannical, argumentative, or 
      other things that prevent real happiness in marriage. 

   Aug 1986

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