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Falling in love --- a deceptive trick of nature

   Q. Why does "falling in love" receive so much attention as a 
      topic in literature, music, drama, etc.?  What is there 
      about it that has caused it to be so glamorized and 

   A. The great interest in it is due to what it is able to do to 
      a person spiritually.  It has the power to completely 
      transform a person spiritually, put new life into him, put a 
      spring into his step and a song in his heart.  It is able to 
      so reinvigorate him, make him so happy, that it is seen as a 
      sort of spiritual solution to man's sufferings and problems, 
      as a sort of final purpose for life.  At its best it can 
      provide a person with a life companion and in so doing 
      create a permanent order and structure for his life, create 
      a sort of definition for his life.  The problem with "love", 
      however, is that the strong emotions associated with it, the 
      infatuation and euphoria, are short-lived.  As soon as two 
      people start living together and facing the day to day 
      practicalities of everyday life the infatuation and powerful 
      feelings quickly disappear.  In fact, all these powerful 
      feelings are really just a mirage, an illusion, a trick of 
      nature, generated by one's imagination and powers of 
      fantasy, and serving nature's purpose of propagating the 

      So, in fact, "falling in love" is a kind of illusion.  It 
      is, in a way, similar to alcohol and drugs.  It can provide 
      an escape from boredom, life problems and general 
      unhappiness for a while, it can provide temporary pleasure, 
      but in the end Reality must be faced, the problems come 
      back, and possibly in double measure.  For the escape itself 
      may create problems of its own. 

   Aug 1986

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