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Strongly pronounced personality traits of mine

   I have a number of strongly pronounced personality traits.  I 
   would describe myself as follows: 

      Conscientious, careful.  I am a very conscientious, careful person. 

      Cautious.  I tend to be very cautious.  I am very safety 
          minded and not one to take chances. 

      Well-organized, methodical, systematic.  I am exceptionally 
          well-organized, methodical and systematic. 

      Thrifty, frugal, efficiency-minded.  I am very thrifty and 
          frugal, hating all waste.  I am very efficiency minded, 
          always looking for the cheapest and best way of doing 
          things.  I look for the way that is cheapest in time, 
          effort and money. 

      Diligent, industrious.  I am diligent and always attend to 
          things requiring attention immediately.  I never put 
          things off or procrastinate. 

      Responsible, dependable, trustworthy.  I am always 
          completely responsible and dependable.  If I say I will 
          do something you can totally depend on me doing it.  

      Independent, self-reliant.  I am exceptionally independent 
          and self-reliant.  I tend to do things myself and am 
          uncomfortable about accepting favors from others. 

      Serious, sober, earnest.  I tend to be serious, sober and 
          earnest and have a good emotional balance.  

      Thoughtful, reflective.  I am a thoughtful, reflective 

      Courteous, polite.  I am always very courteous and polite.

      Lover of peace and quiet.  Peace and quiet are very importrant 
          to me.  I can't take confusion, chaos, and noise.  I will 
          always choose simple quiet even over quiet music.  	 

   Aug 1986

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