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A prominent aspect of my personality --- a love for efficiency

   There is a certain deeply rooted attitude or mental habit that 
   plays an important, powerful role in the way I think and act.  
   It constitutes a prominent aspect of my personality.  It is a 
   love for efficiency, a dislike for wasted motion.  I always 
   tend to go directly to the point.  I am businesslike in 
   everything.  I do things logically one, two, three in the most 
   efficient manner.  One sees no elaborate, creative flourishes 
   or curlicues in my handwriting.  And he sees them in nothing 
   else that I do.  That is just not me.  I don't like the 
   superfluous.  I am simple, plain, to the point, with no 
   clutter.  I go directly for the heart of the matter.  I do a 
   cost-effectiveness analysis on everything and take the 
   cheapest, most cost-effective route.  I can be counted on to 
   always take the shortest, most direct route between points A 
   and B with no waste.  One sees this mental characteristic in my 
   speech, in my writing, in the way I think, in all that I do.  

   I don't believe this personality trait to be genetic.  I can 
   indeed remember the day in my youth when I consciously set up 
   this philosophy, this outlook, this view toward life.  It is 
   just something that has grown stronger and stronger and more 
   pronounced with use and time. 

   May 1986

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