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   What causes the personality trait called conscientiousness?  Is 
   it something in the genes, something one is born with, 
   something one inherits, or is it a character trait that is 
   formed in early childhood?  What exactly is conscientiousness?  
   Isn't conscientiousness very closely connected with honesty and 
   a tendency towards being moral?  Isn't conscientiousness, the 
   desire to do things properly and right, very closely related to 
   belief in God, reverence for God?  Shouldn't it be considered 
   one of the main evidences of true Christianity?  

   Conscientiousness.  1. Governed by or done in accordance with 
     conscience; scrupulous.  2. Careful and thorough; 

   Conscience.  The faculty by which distinctions are made between 
     moral right and wrong, especially in regard to one's own 
     conduct;  moral discrimination. 

   Scrupulous.  1. Cautious in action because of a wish to do 
     right;  nicely conscientious.  2. Resulting from the exercise 
     of scruples; exact; careful. 

   Syn. conscientiousness, scrupulousness, honesty, rectitude, 
     probity, uprightness, integrity, honor;  care, painstaking, 
     thoroughness, caution, concern, meticulousness 

                                  Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary

     Mar 1986

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