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The Basic Sexual Nature of Man

   The basic sexual nature of man is the very same as the basic 
   sexual nature of most species of animals.  A fact that is not 
   very surprising if one considers him only another member in the 
   family of animals.  At any rate the best way to understand his 
   sexual nature is to observe sex in his relatives, the animals.  
   A typical example of sex among the animals is seen by observing 
   the dog.  The dog wanders about courting and engaging in sexual 
   intercourse every female that appeals to him and returns his 
   interest.  Likewise a female will be receptive to any of many 
   different males.  After the mating the male dog leaves the 
   female to pursue other females and the female is left to bear 
   the young and raise them.  The male spends his entire life 
   pursuing females.  It is probably fair to say that that 
   occupation is the main driving force in his life, it is his 
   great pleasure in life.  It is almost his main function in 
   life, his purpose for living, his great preoccupation.  The 
   female dog, however, is not so preoccupied with sex.  
   Especially after the young are born she has the long, 
   practical, mind-occupying job of raising those young and 
   doesn't have time or inclination for the foolishness of sex.  
   Thus the male and female's sexual natures are different --- the 
   male is always looking, always driven by his sexual desires, 
   and the female is only interested in sex at certain times.  
   What we have said about dogs could also be said about cats, 
   cattle, horses and most animals.  And it is also an accurate 
   description of the basic sexual nature of man.  However, in man 
   these basic feelings and inclinations are countered, thwarted 
   and held in check by other forces.  The forces that thwart and 
   hold in check his natural sexual inclinations are things like 
   reason, conscience, religion, social pressure, culture, fear of 
   God, good judgment, and sense of right and wrong.  But the 
   basic inclinations and nature are still there, always trying to 
   exert themselves.  Because of his mind and conscience he is 
   doomed to be a creature of inner conflict, a creature with two 
   natures at war with one another, a higher nature and a lower 

   Aug 1985

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