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Man's basic requirement for food puts him at the mercy of others

   Two basic facts of life add together to put each of us at the 
   mercy of others from birth:

   Fact Number 1.  Every living creature, including man, has a 
      basic need for food.  To live we must eat.  It is the way we 
      were made --- a need we were saddled with by our creator.  

   Fact Number 2.  Every living creature except man forages for 
      its food directly from the land.  Although primitive tribes 
      do forage for their food directly from the land civilized 
      man has a system that prevents this.  It is called land 
      ownership.  At some point in the distant past man in his 
      great cleverness invented this system called "land 
      ownership".  In this system men own pieces of land with all 
      land being owned by one person or another.  A consequence of 
      this system is that each person born into this world has no 
      legal way of acquiring food (that is no legal way of 
      sustaining his life) unless he can obtain money from 
      someone, which he can then exchange for food.  Thus it is a 
      system that makes each person completely dependent on "The 
      System" for the very continuance of his life.  Each of us is 
      born into a world in which we are completely at the mercy of 
      others for a need vital to our physical survival.  Every man 
      is "over a barrel" from birth:  to obtain food to eat he 
      must do whatever possessors of money ask in order to obtain 
      money to buy food.  If he can obtain no money except by 
      prostituting himself then he must prostitute himself.  If he 
      can obtain no money except by groveling then he must grovel.  
      If the price of the money is to take all sorts of abuse and 
      mistreatment then he must take that abuse and mistreatment.

   NOTE. There is something one can do about this: one can save 
     money, buy land and accumulate wealth and thus gain a degree 
     of independence from the system.

   Mar 1985

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