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What I look for in a person --- traits that are important to me

   Q.  What do I look for in a person?  What traits are important 
       to me?

   A.  A lot of things are important to me.  I look for honesty, 
       dependability and trustworthiness.  These things are very 
       important to me.  In addition, I look for a number of other 
       things.  I look for moral cleanness, chastity, decency.  A 
       very important item.  And I look for things like 
       naturalness, conscientiousness, unselfishness, 
       consideration for other people, modesty, friendliness, a 
       nice disposition, intelligence, and good judgment and 
       common sense.

   Q.  What kind of things in a person will turn me off?  What 
       things do I find repelling?

   A.  Signs of dishonesty turn me off very quickly.  Such as 
       lying, cheating or deception.  So do signs of moral 
       uncleanness such as vulgar language or humor.  And I find 
       things like presumptuousness, boldness and arrogance 
       repelling.  Selfishness, lack of consideration for others, 
       boastfulness, argumentativeness, disagreeableness and 
       artificiality are also disgusting and repelling to me. 

   Dec 1984

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