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Bad treatment yields badness --- good treatment yields goodness

   If you abuse a dog, treat him badly, you will create a nasty 
   and ugly dog.  On the other hand, if you are good to him, treat 
   him with warmth and affection, you will create a gentle, loving 
   and loyal dog.  The same thing goes for people.  If they are 
   treated badly, if they are abused and mistreated, you obtain a 
   bad and nasty person.  If, on the other hand, they are treated 
   well, if they are treated with respect, warmth and 
   understanding, you obtain a warm, nice person.  Cruelty, 
   meanness, unfairness and abuse beget badness and warmth, 
   understanding and fairness beget gentleness and goodness.  
   People can be abused and mistreated in many ways.  They can be 
   abused by other people; they can be abused by man-made systems 
   and institutions that are unfair; they can be abused by life 
   (or Providence).  Children can be abused, brutalized and 
   twisted by a bad home environment.  They can also be abused, 
   stymied and intellectually and emotionally mutilated by a cold, 
   unfriendly, unsympathetic school system.

   Badness transfers itself from one person to another.  A man 
   goes to work and finds himself abused and mistreated by his 
   boss.  He then comes home and transfers the pent up anger and 
   frustration to his wife and children by being nasty to them.  
   They then transfer all the negative and bad feelings to people 
   that they come into contact with.  Thus there is a domino 

   Nov 1984

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