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Problems of people

   The older I get the more ugly and gloomy life looks.  What do I 
   see?  I see so many people, such a high percentage of humanity, 
   caught in traps, nets and snares that they just can't seem to 
   get out of.  I see them struggle in these snares much as a fly 
   struggles in a spider's web.  Try as they might they just can't 
   seem to break loose.  What are these traps, nets and snares?  
   Alcoholism, drug abuse, inferiority complexes, shyness, fears, 
   insecurity, mental illnesses, neuroses, etc..   Mostly I see 
   people caught and trapped by their own bad habits.  They want 
   to change and try to change but can't seem to do it.  

   People have other problems, too.  Loneliness, boredom, bad 
   health, abuse from others, marital problems.  All these 
   problems are so wide-spread, so pervasive in our society.  They 
   affect young, middle aged and old.  And the worst thing about 
   all of them is that I don't know the answers to them.  I ask 
   myself, "What is the solution?  What is a really effective 
   antidote (for a specific problem)?  What could I recommend to a 
   person as a practical, workable solution to the problem?"  
   Usually I must just admit that I don't know.  

   Oct 1983

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