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God, a lover of symmetry

   One of the most intriguing things about this universe is the 
   symmetry that one finds everywhere.  It is just pervaded by 
   symmetry.  God must be a lover of symmetry.  The human body is 
   symmetric.  So are the bodies of all mammals, birds, reptiles, 
   fish, insects, etc..  All that walks, crawls or swims.  
   Consider all the parts of the bodies of all these creatures --- 
   hands, feet, eyes, ears, nose, internal organs --- and see all 
   the intriguing symmetry.  Consider the forms of all the plants, 
   grasses and herbs of the field;  of the trees, bushes and 
   shrubs of the forest.  See the intriguing symmetry in their 
   general shapes.  And look at the symmetry in their parts.  See 
   the symmetry of their leaves, their flowers, stems and root 
   systems.  All living things that God has made are characterized 
   by an intriguing amount of symmetry.  And one can also find 
   symmetry outside the living things.  Consider the many varied 
   types of crystals in the mineral world.  Consider the 
   raindrops.  Consider the snowflakes.  Consider the heavenly 
   bodies --- the sun, moon, stars, and planets (they are 
   spherical).  Consider their motions (ellipses).  Symmetry 
   everywhere.  Is there some hidden meaning in all this symmetry?  
   Some deep, mystical, spiritual meaning?  To me it is all the 
   unique mark, the signature, the fingerprint of the Most High 
   God, Lord of the Universe.  So also are all the intricate and 
   remarkable processes and mechanisms of growth, reproduction, 
   etc. that govern living things;  and all the intriguing 
   physical laws that govern everything. 

   Nov 1981

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