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Source of happiness


   - if you are unhappy or confused it means something is wrong of 
       a spiritual nature 

   - the first prerequisite to happiness is respect for yourself.  
       In order to respect yourself it is necessary to merit 
       respect.  To merit it you have to live by principle and be 
       honest and upright. 

   - your priorities must be right.  You must put spiritual things 
       first.  Your first and most important job is to know what 
       is important and unimportant in life.  You must come to 
       know what gives happiness in life and what does not.  You 
       must come to know yourself, your own soul, and what gives 
       it true and lasting pleasure and happiness and what does 
       not.  And when you do come to know yourself you will 
       realize that what gives true and lasting happiness is right 
       living and goodness.  And you will realize that things such 
       as fame, power, social position, wealth, etc. do not bring 
       happiness.  That these things, although they may not be 
       evil in themselves and may not bring unhappiness do not 
       bring happiness;  and if pursued with the idea that they 
       will bring happiness will only prove to be disappointing 
       illusions and mirages.

   Oct 1981

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