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That which keeps me on the right road

   Q. What keeps me in check?  What keeps me from doing the things 
   that so many people around me are doing (like chasing women)? 

   A.  1. A sense of right and wrong; knowledge of right and wrong
       2. A sense of allegiance to the God who made me;  a sense 
           of gratitude to Him for all that he has done for me and 
           the way he has taken care of me;  a fear of going 
           against Him --- the possible consequences of it. 
       3. Good sense.  Knowing the foolishness of wrong doing and 
           the dire consequences that always come of it. 
       4. Knowing that I would have a great problem in living with 
           myself if I did things I knew were wrong.  I would be 
           going against my true self, going against everything I 
           am and believe in.  It would create deep internal 
           conflict and problems. 
       5. Shyness.  Lack of experience in wrong-doing (such as in 
           chasing women).  Not knowing how. 
       6. Habit; the habit of never actively pursuing what is 
           wrong.  Good habits keep me on the right road. 
       7. Lack of opportunity.  Real opportunities rarely arise.  
           They arise so seldom, in fact, that I have often 
           seriously wondered if there might not be a guardian 
           angel watching over me. 
       8. A natural cautiousness.  A habit of thinking about 
           things, reflecting over them, turning them over in my 
           mind before taking any actions that might commit me.  
           After some thought and some time for passions to cool 
           wisdom and good sense always win out. 
       9. Knowledge that it would be a great wrong to my wife (in 
           the case of attractions to other women).  I know she 
           has been a sweet, good and faithful wife to me. 

   Mar 1981

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