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Forms that abuse of an employee by his boss can take

   Q. What forms can the abuse of an employee by his boss take?

   A. Any of the following forms:

      - giving him all the nasty, dirty, difficult jobs
      - watching over his shoulder all the time;  constant 
          checking on him;   being "on him";  harassment through 
          close monitoring 
      - criticizing; picking flaws in his work
      - ridicule, scorn
      - verbal abuse; assailing him with abusive or contemptuous 
          language;  berating him;  yelling at him;  using profane 
          or obscene language on him 
      - impatience 
      - unreasonableness in your expectations or demands (coming 
          possibly from not appreciating the limits of his 
          knowledge, technical background, etc.) 
      - put downs;  constant belittling;  minimizing his work

   Sept 1984

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