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Actions reveal character


   A black lady came to the beauty shop yesterday and wanted a 
   permanent and specified just what type of hairdo she wanted 
   ("Jerricurls").  Lucy (a Korean hairdresser) said she would do 
   her.  Black people's hair is different and difficult to do and 
   you have to know what you are doing.  Lucy said she could do it 
   and Kay (the Korean owner) had to go out and get the proper 
   solutions for her.  As it turned out Lucy didn't know a thing 
   about doing black people's hair and she had no idea of what 
   Jerricurls were.  She did the process wrong, and she really 
   botched the job up (my wife read the instructions on the box 
   and confirmed that she was doing it wrong).  The lady was 
   really upset at the way her hair was coming out and she was 
   even more upset when Lucy told her the ticket was $60.00.  The 
   lady exclaimed, "Sixty what?!"  She refused to pay and there 
   was a big argument.  (My wife told me her hair had been badly 
   damaged).  Kay, the shop owner, knew that she had done the 
   process wrong and had really messed the job up (later, after 
   Lucy had gone home, she told my wife that --- and that she was 
   really angry about Lucy taking the job) yet she backed Lucy up 
   in the argument, told the lady her hair looked really great, 
   and tried to make her pay the $60.00.  The lady angrily claimed 
   she had not gotten anything like what she asked for and Lucy 
   and Kay kept telling her that her hair looked really good.  The 
   lady walked out without paying.  

   Actions reveal character.  Lucy revealed her character in 
   different ways.  She revealed her character by taking a job she 
   didn't know how to do, just out of greed for the money.  Then 
   she revealed more of her character when she refused to admit 
   that she had messed the job up but instead tried to charge the 
   lady $60.00 (when the range of prices for permanents in the 
   beauty shop is $35.00 - $55.00).  Then she revealed more of her 
   character by sticking to her demands and trying to force the 
   money out of the lady.  Kay showed her character, too, by 
   trying to force the lady to pay when she knew Lucy had botched 
   her hair up. 

   It is interesting to note that, every day, Lucy spends all her 
   free time sitting around reading the Bible and praying on her 
   Apr 1985

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