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The Important Questions of Life

   What does God expect of a person who wishes to be a child of 
   his?  What does God want from people?  What kind of conduct 
   does he want from them?  What kind of priorities and values 
   does he want them to have?  How would he have them employ 

   What is necessary for the salvation of one's soul?  What 
   criterion does God use in deciding who will go to heaven?  How 
   does God decide, what rule does he use in determining the 
   destiny of your soul? 

   What can I do in life that is truly useful and valuable?  What 
   project can I pursue that is truly worthwhile?  What can I do 
   with my life to make it count? 

   How can I truly and effectively help other people?  How can one 
   help them solve their problems and find happiness in life?  It 
   seems like almost everyone has problems, some a lot more than 
   others.  Yet when one starts examining the problems that people 
   have he despairs of being able to help them.  So many of the 
   problems that afflict mankind are so stubborn and intractable 
   and so poorly understood.  And as one examines the problems he 
   starts realizing that a great many of the problems are of the 
   victim's own making.  The problems are caused by their own 
   foolishness, laziness, lack of self-discipline, bad habits, 
   etc..  One often sees that people are often their own worst 
   enemy.  For these types of problems one is often forced to ask 
   himself "How does one protect a person from himself?"  There 
   are the problems of addiction to alcohol and drugs.  So often 
   people are slaves to their own bad habits.  Other problems that 
   plague people may not be their own fault.  But the problems are 
   often very stubborn and intractable and the people unpleasant 
   and hard to deal with.  Examples: inferiority complexes, 
   emotional problems, mental problems.  Other problems that 
   people have often are related to their inability to find a job, 
   often because of lack of skills.  How does one help in this 
   situation?  Life often twists and distorts people, causes them 
   to take the wrong roads and they end up becoming enemies to 
   themselves and others, unpleasant and difficult to live with, 
   hard to deal with, etc..  How does one straighten this kind of 
   person out? 

   Aug 1985

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