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Resolution of emotional problems

   How do you help a person solve complicated emotional problems?  
   How were the emotional problems of my younger years resolved?  
   Part of the process, I think, was a conducive climate.  What do 
   I mean?  I speak of a couple of things:  1. The security coming 
   from a good, steady job and an ever increasing bank account.  
   2. A sweet, good wife which made for a relaxed, wholesome home 
   life.  I would suggest that a feeling of financial security and 
   a quiet, relaxed, orderly life are two important prerequisites 
   to the solution of emotional problems.  If you wish to help 
   someone with an emotional problem you must first find a way to 
   provide him with these things.  If a person doesn't have a job 
   and doesn't have the feeling of security coming from knowing 
   that he is assured of food to eat and a roof over his head how 
   can you help him?  Suppose it is a runaway child we wish to 
   help.  The first thing you would need to do would be to find a 
   secure livelihood for him that was legitimate.  How would you 
   do it?  This is where my ideas on self-sufficient country 
   living might come in useful.  You could teach him how to be 
   self-sufficient and live on little.  If you could show him how 
   to construct a dwelling for little or nothing and how to "live 
   off the land" you would be giving him a degree of security. 

   Thus you must first deal with a person's practical, physical 
   needs before you can deal with their emotional needs. 

   Aug 1985

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